About Helpan

We guarantee the highest standards of work and flawlessly professional services for everything from a simple bracket to a multi-component prototype, and whether you need one or one thousand items we can deliver.


Our Values 

Our commitment to be better is rewarded by prestigious clients who return to us periodically. We can transform metal into what our customer needs and we do this for a wide range of industries


By the fact that we appreciate our customers and what they do next, we want to offer superior quality both through the parts we offer and in the manufacturing processes.


The passion for what we do leads us to have a responsibility for continuous improvement


We seek balance in what we do and who we are as people. The success of the company depends on the collective effort, the intelligence and the contribution of each one of the HELPAN team.


We are committed to investing in automation in order to offer an efficient and flexible production. We want to meet tight deadlines even if we are talking about laser cutting, bending or welding.


We need open and honest communication to build a respectful environment where trust and transparency thrive.


The goal is to always work smarter and better, so that we get the best result with the least waste.


Creativity, courage and innovation are consequences of creativity. Without them, companies would always do the same things as always and would not be able to achieve progress.

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Who's Helpan?

Helpan is a provider of complete manufacturing services located in Craiova. Helpan specializes in laser cutting, forming and welding. We also offer finishing capabilities that include powder coating and assembly.

How we differ?

We realize that you have options when choosing an industrial manufacturing partner. That's why we work hard to earn your business every day. Through a combination of precision craftsmanship and friendly service, we make every effort to consistently demonstrate our value to you as a trusted partner.



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